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Welcome to Creative Cards Unlimited, a division of Custom Creations & Invitations! Our custom handmade greeting cards are unique and generally one of a kind... a little piece of art, straight from the artist's heart. Our pricing per single card is $5.50 each + your shipping cost (which depends on the amount you order and destination*;) winking). Every card is made by hand, has a lined envelope to match the card, and a separate linen liner inside for your writing pleasure. We also have boxed cards, which nestle four slightly smaller cards - 1 for a female, 1 for a male, 1 for "Thinking of You" and one that says "Thank You". These four handmade/boxed cards, with lined envelopes to match, are 16.50 plus shipping.

We are happy to custom design greetings for these cards for a nominal fee...if you want "Happy Birthday, Alyssa!" on it...we can do that! If you want a custom created verse inside, we can do that as well. I am a creative writer and love to write poetry and heartfelt verses. The cost is generally only $1 more. If you need cards created for a baby shower or bridal shower, anniversary, etc...we do that too! Just contact me and we'll start the design process. (The consultation is free.)

We are continually designing new cards (soon to be found in several different store locations). Share them with friends and family and come back often. Watch for our new greeting card website soon! Warmest regards, Karen

Please contact us by calling 248-761-4018 or emailing us custominvitations@sbcglobal.net to place your order. We are designing and creating additional cards, so please check back often for new designs.

0126 - Congratulations

0128 - Out on the Town

0129 - All the Best


0130 - Congratulations

0131 - With Love

0133 - Congratulations


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