So much more than just Invitations...
We are now home-based in Brooksville, Florida...but still blessed to be serving our valued Michigan clientele!

We feel so blessed to be able to serve you. These past 22 years I've had the privilege of working with several celebrities and designing invitations for clients in many different countries. We hope to exceed your expectations by creating something that will be a keepsake for your guests. "Custom Design" means more than just how it will reflect "You" on the outside...but how you and your guests will feel on the inside, as it showcases your individuality and sets the tone for your exciting day. Our basic prices begin at only $4.50 per invitation, including your response cards and envelopes, and increases to wherever your budget dictates as you may choose to select additional design options. Allow us to help inspire and excite your creativity and design something unique and "You". Come join us for a pot of herbal tea and some pastries as we discuss your vision and design it together while we chat. We are also happy to chat and create something for you online (due to Covid), via Zoom, or phone or emails or any digital method you are comfortable with. We can't wait to meet you! So excited to be in the Sunshine state...but forever loyal to our Michigan clients, old and new!0

Welcome to the World of Creativity...where you will find Unique and Original Designs and Specialty Papers from around the Globe...

We offer specialty items not seen anywhere else... such as creating an original poem penned just for you telling the story of how you met...and that becomes your Save the Date card!  We also design wedding party thank you cards that depict a handmade 3-D replica of their dresses/tux, with a personal original verse inside.  We will create your invitations together on your first visit!  A pot of herbal tea, some delicious pastries, tons of creative possibilities... it's an experience you won't soon forget, whether in the studio or elsewhere.  Due to Covid, we are more than happy to design from a, Zoom, phone conversations, text,  emails...etc.  I love what I do and I promise you will not forget the experience*!

As a designer, every single client becomes special to me. I started my business in 2000, unsure of my future... but trusted God to direct my path. Today I am blessed with a nationwide clientele and what I do has become my passion. Every detail is scrutinized with great care to insure that each work of art becomes a treasured keepsake for your guests. What can we create for you?

Karen Kellems Bailey, Custom Creations & Invitations LLC


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